Eri Shi

  • phone: 609-243-
  • email: eshi@pppl.gov

Eric Shi is a Ph.D. candidate in the Program in Plasma Physics, having entered the Program in 2011. He received a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University in 2011, where he majored in Engineering Physics.

His thesis project is supervised by Greg Hammett and involves using gyrokinetic simulation to investigate the mechanisms that govern turbulence in the scrape-off layer region of a tokamak. A important component of his research is the development of efficient and robust numerical methods based on discontinuous Galerkin methods for continuum edge simulation. The ultimate goal of his research is to answer questions concerning what parameters control the scrape-off layer width and levels of turbulence in this region.

  • "A gyrokinetic one-dimensional scrape-off layer model of an edge-localized mode heat pulse"
    E.L. Shi, A.H. Hakim & G.W. Hammett, Phys. Plasmas 22, 022504 (2015)