Alexander Khrabry

  • phone: 609-243-xxxx
  • email: akhrabry@pppl.gov

Dr. Alexander Khrabry is a postdoctoral research associate at the Theory Department of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. He earned his PhD degree in computational fluid dynamics in 2015 at the Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, studying efficient numerical methods for accurate simulation of 3D unsteady free-surface flows interacting with different obstacles and investigating turbulent effects in these flows.

At PPPL he is currently working on numerical simulation of arc discharges for synthesis of carbon and boron nitride nanoparticles. His current research is related with 3D simulation of non-equilibrium low-temperature plasmas focusing on conjugate self-consistent modeling of plasma-electrode interaction.   The main research contributions of Dr. Khrabry and his collaborators include: demonstration of importance of non-equilibrium plasma effects in operation of short arcs; development of analytical model of short arcs allowing to predict plasma parameters and general arc characteristics such as voltage and heat fluxes to the electrodes.

  • "Investigation of the short argon arc with hot anode. Part I: numerical simulations of non-equilibrium effects in the near-electrode regions"
    A. Khrabry, I. D. Kaganovich et al., Phys. Plasmas, submitted (2017)
  • "Investigation of the short argon arc with hot anode. Part II: Analytical Model"
    A. Khrabry, I. D. Kaganovich et al.
  • "LIF study of carbon dimer distribution in the carbon arc"
    V. Vekselman, A. Khrabry et al., Plasma Sources Sci. Technol., submitted (2017)