Min-Gu Yoo

  • phone: 609-243-3104
  • email: myoo@pppl.gov

Min-Gu Yoo, 유민구, is a postdoctoral associate research physicist in the theory department at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, having joined in 2018. He received a Ph. D. in Nuclear Engineering from Seoul National University in 2017.

During his Ph. D., he developed a particle simulation code and discovered the underlying physical mechanism of the ohmic breakdown in a tokamak. He suggested a new breakdown theory, a turbulent $\small {\bf E}\times{\bf B}$ mixing avalanche, by considering multi-dimensional plasma responses, and explained the experimental results successfully for the first time.

His main research interests are plasma transports in magnetic fusion experiments and development of computational codes based on the first-principles modeling such as the gyrokinetic particle simulations. He is currently working on the global gyrokinetic simulation code GTS, in the group of Dr. Weixing Wang, to study the physical mechanism of the thermal quench of the plasma disruption.

Min-Gu has also won the Award of "Young Scientist in Plasma Physics" by Korean Physical Society (2019) see details below.

  • "Development of 2D implicit particle simulation code for ohmic breakdown physics in a tokamak"
    Min-Gu Yoo, Jeongwon Lee et al., Comp. Phys. Commun. 221, 143 (2017)
  • "Evidence of a turbulent ExB mixing avalanche mechanism of gas breakdown in strongly magnetized systems "
    Min-Gu Yoo, Jeongwon Lee et al., Nature Commun. 9, 3523 (2018)
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