Rupak Mukherjee

  • phone: +1 (609)-608-5735
  • email: rmukherj@pppl.gov

Dr Rupak Mukherjee is Associate Research Physicist at Theory department, PPPL, Princeton University, USA. He has obtained his PhD in 2019 from Institute for Plasma Research, India. His thesis topic was the study of turbulence, flows and magnetic field generation in plasmas using a Magnetohydrodynamic model.

He is currently working in the "Gkeyll" project [a discontinuous-Galerkin method-based code for simulation of instabilities and turbulence in magnetically confined plasma devices as well as space and astrophysical plasmas with Prof Greg Hammett and Dr Ammar Hakim. He is primarily contributing to improve the code's capability to resolve magnetic null points in general geometry.

  • "Recurrence in three dimensional magnetohydrodynamic plasma"
    Rupak Mukherjee, Rajaraman Ganesh & Abhijit Sen, Phys. Plasmas 26, 022101 (2019)
  • "Three Dimensional Pseudo-Spectral Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic GPU Code for Astrophysical Plasma Simulation"
    Rupak Mukherjee, R. Ganesh et al., 2018 IEEE 25th Int. Conf. (HiPCW)
  • "Amplitude mediated chimera states with active and inactive oscillators"
    Rupak Mukherjee & Abhijit Sen, Chaos 28, 053109 (2018)