Vinícius Duarte

  • phone: (609) 243-2611
  • email: vduarte@pppl.gov

Vinícius Duarte obtained his Ph. D. in 2017 from the University of São Paulo, with thesis work performed at PPPL with the supervision of Nikolai Gorelenkov.

Vinícius Duarte's research is focused on the resonant interaction between fast ions and Alfvénic modes in tokamaks via numerical and analytical modeling. His current research interests include predicting the nature of nonlinear evolution of Alfvénic modes and modeling whole-device transport employing a quasi-linear approach.

  • "Prediction of nonlinear evolution character of energetic-particle-driven instabilities"
    V. N. Duarte, H. L. Berk et al., Nucl. Fusion 57, 054001 (2017)
  • ""Analytical nonlinear collisional dynamics of near-threshold eigenmodes""
    Vinicíus Duarte & Nikolai Gorelenkov, Nucl. Fusion ,59 , 044003 (2019).
  • "Study of the likelihood of Alfvénic mode bifurcation in NSTX and predictions for ITER baseline scenarios "
    Vinícius Duarte, Nikolai Gorelenkov et al., Nucl. Fusion 58, 082013 (2018)
  • AIP Scilight : A close look at fast ion microturbulence in tokamaks builds predictive capability for fusion
  • Research Highlight : How to keep the superhot plasma inside tokamaks from chirping
  • Agency FAPESP : Model predicts scenarios for energy generation using nuclear fusion.