Kenan Qu

  • email: kq@princeton.edu

I am a theoretical physicist studying the interaction between light and different varieties of matters.

Since 2016, I have been a postdoc in Princeton Astrophysical Science Department. I am currently working on laser plasma interaction in the group of Prof. Nat. Fisch.

In December 2015, I proudly graduated with my Ph.D degree in physics from Prof. Girish Agarwal's group in Oklahoma State University. My Ph.D study covers a few interesting topics with particular emphasis on quantum squeezed light and optomechanics. I also studied and published papers on quantum information, PT symmetry quantum optics, and spectroscopy.

Prior to that, I did my undergraduate study in Nankai University in China. In 2008, I won a national funding from China Ministry of Education on the project of optical pulse compression using photonic crystal fiber (PCF).