Brian Kraus

  • email: bkraus@pppl.gov

Brian Kraus is a graduate research assistant at PPPL and is pursuing a Ph.D. Before arriving in New Jersey, he studied at the University of Alabama, obtaining a B. Sci. in Math and Physics in 2014, with a minor in Chinese.

So far at PPPL, Brian first worked with Dr. Yevgeny Raitses, measuring the electric potential inside plasmas with various probes in the Hall Thruster Lab. In his second-year theoretical project with Dr. Stuart Hudson, he examined the consequences of fractal plasma pressure profiles within the ideal magnetohydrodynamics model. Number theory and computational experiments informed which plasma equilibria were valid, and the research investigated different orderings of numbers by their irrationality.

Aside from research, Brian co-hosts a science radio show on WPRB (Princeton's FM station). He is also the most recent implementer of a ranking system for PPPL's Ping Pong League.