Department Administration

Welcome to the Theory Department Administration page!

Here you will find the information you need about who the point person is for certain duties within the department and some Theory department specific forms.

If you are from outside of the Theory Department/PPPL and need assistance please contact Jen Jones by phone to 609-243-2440 or email: jjones@pppl.gov or Trisha Perez by phone to 609-243-2606 and email: tperez@pppl.gov

~Thank you!

Jen Jones- Jen is the Executive Assistant to the Department Head, Felix Parra Diaz. Jen manages Felix's day to day schedule, provides administrative support and keeps Felix on track. Jen is also the point person in the department for; visitors, workshop & conference, the appraisal process, APS memberships, the department website, property passes.

Trisha Perez- Trisha is the Administrative Assistant for the Theory Department. While supporting the whole department Trisha is the point person in these areas. Trisha reviews all travel approvals & expense reports. She assists with employee relocations, manages new employee & visitors with onboarding, purchases office supplies & computer accessories and collects/ posts the weekly highlights.

~Away from the Lab~

Are you going to be out of town or away from the lab on vacation or traveling on business- Please let us know by contacting Jen Jones or Trisha Perez


If you are planning to host a visitor, please contact Jen Jones or Trisha Perez.

~Foreign National Visitors~

***REMINDER***Approvals for Foreign Nationals from sensitive countries to enter PPPL will take some time- up to 6 weeks in some cases- so please start the process as early as possible. Foreign Visitors must submit an online foreign national registration form, please contact Jen Jones or Trisha Perez for more information.