Jin Chen

  • phone: 609-243-3352
  • email: jchen@pppl.gov

Dr. Jin Chen is a computational scientist at CPPG, PPPL. Her expertise and interest cover applied and computational mathematics, and computer science. Currently, her main focus is on the development of efficient numerical schemes for various applications in fusion research, and associated high performance computation, such as Hybrid MPI and OpenMP solver on multi-core processors.

Dr. Jin Chen majored in Applied Mathematics as an undergraduate student in Sichuan University, China. She received master degree in applied mathematics from Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics. Then she moved to Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan, to pursue computational mathematics, numerical analysis, computational physics,  and computer science at National Institute for Fusion Science, and received PhD in 1999.She developed parallel algorithms to solver 3D PDEs and several papers were published on these. In her PhD study, she developed a fast eigenvalue solver to analyze BALLOONING mode, and this method was published as well. After completing her PhD, she worked on implicit solution of 3D Navier-Stokes equations inUppsala University (Sweden) as a postdoctoral fellow.