Asia Pacific -USA “Highlights in Low Temperature Plasma Physics"

Asia Pacific -USA “Highlights in Low Temperature Plasma Physics" Seminar Series


  • Diagnostics of plasma-liquids systems: challenges and their mitigation , Video
    Shurik Yatom, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, USA, abstract
    [#s1590, 29 Nov 2022]
    Non-equilibrium, low-temperature plasma is gaining very steady and dedicated following in the bustling inter-disciplinary community interested in plasma science and technology. Small scale, uncomplicated ways of plasma generation in ambient atmosphere and high plasma-induced chemical reactivity make low-temperature plasma very attractive for a wide variety of applications in biomedicine, environmental remediation, and agriculture. These applications prompt new avenues for studying plasma in rich chemical environments and plasma interaction with liquids. Often, these environments pose new challenges for plasma investigation, application of diagnostic methods and interpretation of results.This work will briefly review the two most popular methods of laser diagnostics in plasma-liquid system and generally in low-temperature plasmas. These are Thomson scattering and laser-induced fluorescence. I will describe the caveats that are encountered when measuring inherently unstable and very collisional system such as plasma interacting with liquid.
  • Investigating the effects of electron bounce- cyclotron resonance on plasma dynamics in capacitive discharges operated in the presents of a weak transverse magnetic field , Video
    Sarveshwar Sharma, Institute for Plasma Research, India
    [#s1579, 02 Nov 2022]
  • Nonlinear Transmission Line (NTL) Study of Electromagnetic Modes in Capacitive Discharges
    Emi Kawamura, University of California, Berkeley, USA
    [#s1503, 21 Jun 2022]
  • Towards Kinetic Whole Device Modeling of Low-Temperature Plasma Devices - Algorithms and Computer Science
    Andrew Tasman Powis, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, USA
    [#s1502, 07 Jun 2022]
  • An experimental study of amplitude-modulation pulsed capacitively coupled RF discharges video
    Yong-Xin Liu, Dalian University of Technology, China
    [#s1485, 24 May 2022]
  • Evolution of plasma streamer in atmospheric pressure volume and surface DBDs video
    Quan-Zhi Zhang, Dalian University of Technology, China
    [#s1482, 10 May 2022]