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  • Summit Early Science Video Series: Fusion Research
    [#s946, 20 Dec 2018]
  • Artificial intelligence project to help bring the power of the sun to Earth is picked for first U.S. exascale system
    [#s810, 27 Aug 2018]
  • No more zigzags: Scientists uncover mechanism that stabilizes fusion plasmas
    [#s804, 17 Jul 2018]
  • Simulations of magnetically confined plasmas reveal a self-regulating stabilizing mechanism
    [#s801, 04 Jun 2018]
  • Eliminating small instabilities in tokamaks before they become disruptions
    [#s711, 03 May 2018]
  • Creative turbulence: Stimulating random fluctuations may increase energy production in nuclear fusion reactors
    [#s857, 01 May 2018]
  • The Quest for Nuclear Fusion
    [#s710, 24 Apr 2018]
  • Terraforming Mars
    [#s684, 18 Apr 2018]
  • Princeton Team using Deep Learning to develop Fusion Energy
    [#s660, 11 Mar 2018]
  • ‘Plasma Bubbles’ Can Lead to Solar Flares and Auroras
    [#s714, 04 Mar 2018]
  • Model predicts scenarios for energy generation using nuclear fusion
    [#s635, 07 Feb 2018]
  • Model predicts scenarios for energy generation using nuclear fusion
    [#s715, 31 Jan 2018]
  • Theoretical Physicist Elena Belova Named to Editorial Board of Physics of Plasmas
    [#s622, 23 Jan 2018]
  • The Quest for Nuclear Fusion
    [#s709, 18 Jan 2018]
  • Whiskered foam surface traps secondary electrons in simulations
    [#s613, 10 Jan 2018]
  • Seven Worlds Of TRAPPIST-1 May Host Alien Life (Again)
    [#s606, 30 Dec 2017]
  • Could Trappist-1 host alien life? Two planets in the solar system could hold onto their atmospheres
    [#s607, 30 Dec 2017]
  • Two Earth-Sized Planets In The TRAPPIST-1 System May Have Atmospheres, Study Finds
    [#s608, 30 Dec 2017]
  • A close look at fast ion microturbulence in tokamaks builds predictive capability for fusion
    [#s589, 15 Dec 2017]
  • Artificial intelligence helps accelerate progress toward efficient fusion reactions
    [#s591, 15 Dec 2017]
  • Solar flares and other mysterious space weather traced to strange exploding sheets of plasma
    [#s596, 15 Dec 2017]
  • Secret Origins of Magnetic Explosions Promise Insights into Solar Flares, Fusion Reactors
    [#s597, 15 Dec 2017]
  • The Exoplanet Most Likely to Support Alien Life Might Not Be Habitable After All
    [#s572, 11 Dec 2017]
  • Shredding plasma sheets could solve solar flare puzzle
    [#s595, 11 Dec 2017]
  • Inside the 'star in a jar' fusion reactor that could lead to LIMITLESS energy:
    Stunning video reveals super-heated plasma inside Germany's stellarator
    [#s571, 07 Dec 2017]
  • Ancient Stellar Winds Death Knell for Life on Red-Dwarf Planets “Most Common Stars in the Milky Way”
    [#s567, 05 Dec 2017]
  • The possibility of life beyond our solar system just got a lot slimmer
    [#s565, 04 Dec 2017]
  • Blow for hopes of finding life on other planets as astronomers say stellar wind has left many exoplanets barren
    [#s566, 04 Dec 2017]
  • Chance of alien life existing has just been dealt a massive blow
    [#s568, 01 Dec 2017]
  • Scientists reduce the chances of life on exoplanets in so-called habitable zones around red stars
    [#s592, 30 Nov 2017]
  • Scientists reduce the chances of life on exoplanets in so-called habitable zones around red stars
    [#s594, 30 Nov 2017]
  • Supernova simulation shows source of cosmic rays and solar flares
    [#s574, 17 Nov 2017]
  • What Causes Cosmic Rays? Plasma From Lasers Helps Study Particle Acceleration
    [#s573, 13 Nov 2017]
  • Could this young physicist finally crack the code to nuclear fusion?
    [#s569, 31 Oct 2017]
  • NERSC Simulations Shed Light on Fusion Reaction Turbulence
    [#s575, 19 Sep 2017]
  • Team led by graduate student at PPPL produces unique simulation of magnetic reconnection
    [#s770, 08 Sep 2017]
  • First Modeling of Plasma Turbulence in Tokamaks Studies Recycled Atoms’ Effect on Fusion
    [#s716, 17 Aug 2017]
  • Demonstrating collisionless fluid models of reconnection in the magnetosphere
    [#s601, 01 Aug 2017]
  • Astrophysical Shock Waves Generated in the Lab
    [#s576, 18 Jul 2017]
  • Physicists send supersonic shock waves rippling through a lab
    [#s577, 15 Jul 2017]
  • The AI that could make fusion power a reality:
    System can analyze plasma to help design safe reactors that harness the power of stars on Earth
    [#s578, 13 Jul 2017]
  • China And The US Take Step Forwards With Nuclear Fusion Experiment
    [#s579, 13 Jul 2017]
  • Researchers find lithium effective in nuclear fusion
    [#s580, 18 Jun 2017]
  • NASA Awards Grants To Develop RF Heating, Superconducting Coils For Fusion Rocket Engines
    [#s581, 13 Jun 2017]
  • The physics behind the transition to H-mode
    [#s584, 22 May 2017]
  • Scientists perform first-principles simulation of transition of plasma edge to H-mode
    [#s585, 18 May 2017]
  • Experiment Demonstrates How Electron Pressure Accelerates Magnetic Reconnection
    [#s586, 03 Apr 2017]
  • XGC Fusion Code Selected for all 3 Pre-exascale Supercomputers
    [#s587, 19 Feb 2017]