The following “highlights” have been prepared.


  • New Model Sheds Light on Key Physics of Magnetic Islands that Can Halt Fusion Reactions
    C-S. Chang, slides
    [#s793, 12 Jul 2018]
  • Advanced Simulations Capture the Dynamics of Solar Flares, Northern Lights and Space Storms
    Ammar Hakim, slides
    [#s790, 09 Jul 2018]
  • Liang Wang, slides
    [#s736, 28 May 2018]
  • Qian Teng, slides
    [#s733, 21 May 2018]
  • Fractals, Plasma Physics and Fusion
    Brian Kraus, slides
    [#s662, 20 Mar 2018]
  • Isabel Krebs, slides
    [#s625, 09 Feb 2018]
  • Kenan Qu, slides
    [#s558, 11 Dec 2017]
  • Yi-Min Huang, slides
    [#s532, 06 Nov 2017]
  • Are “Habitable” Exoplanets Really Habitable?
    Chuanfei Dong, slides
    [#s501, 10 Oct 2017]
  • Dylan Brennan, slides
    [#s500, 09 Oct 2017]
  • Spinning on its own: selecting the direction of intrinsic rotation
    Timothy Stoltzfus-Dueck, slides
    [#s441, 14 Aug 2017]
  • A billion trillion “clashes” make a plasma: averaging over the micro to understand the macro
    David Pfefferlé, slides
    [#s307, 10 Aug 2017]
  • Bringing Cosmic Shock Waves Down to Earth
    Derek Schaeffer, slides
    [#s430, 01 Jul 2017]
  • Zonostrophic Instability and the Onset of the Dimits Shift
    John Krommes, slides
    [#s308, 01 May 2017]
  • C-S. Chang, slides
    [#s309, 01 Apr 2017]
  • Nate Ferraro, slides
    [#s310, 01 Mar 2017]
  • Magnetorotational Turbulence and Dynamo in a Collisionless Plasma
    Matthew Kunz, slides
    [#s311, 01 Feb 2017]
  • Theory for high-intensity charged particle beams in strongly coupled focusing lattice
    Hong Qin, slides
    [#s312, 01 Jan 2017]
  • General Theory of the Plasmoid Instability
    Luca Comisso, slides
    [#s313, 01 Dec 2016]
  • Plasmoids formation in a laboratory and large-volume flux closure during simulations of Coaxial
    Fatima Ebrahimi, slides
    [#s314, 01 Nov 2016]
  • Extending geometrical optics: A Lagrangian theory for vector waves
    Daniel Ruiz, slides
    [#s315, 01 Oct 2016]
  • Understanding and Predicting Intrinsic Rotation in Fusion Plasmas
    Weixing Wang, slides
    [#s316, 01 Sep 2016]
  • 3D Full Wave Simulation of Reflectometry in Toroidal Plasma
    Ernest Valeo, slides
    [#s317, 01 Sep 2016]
  • Diagnostic Applications of Neutral Transport
    Daren Stotler, slides
    [#s318, 01 Aug 2016]
  • A new hybrid-Lagrangian gyrokinetic scheme for tokamak edge plasmas
    Seung-Hoe Ku, slides
    [#s319, 01 Jul 2016]
  • An accurate and scalable nonlinear multi-species Fokker-Planck operator solver
    Robert Hager, slides
    [#s320, 01 Jun 2016]
  • Priority topics in energetic ion physics research
    Nikolai Gorelenkov, slides
    [#s321, 01 May 2016]
  • Controlling plasma properties: electron induced secondary electron emission
    Igor Kaganovich, slides
    [#s338, 13 Apr 2016]
  • Hamiltonian gyrokinetic Vlasov-Maxwell system
    Josh Burby, slides
    [#s322, 01 Apr 2016]
  • Variational methods for modeling linear and nonlinear waves in fusion plasmas: fundamental physics and applications
    Ilya Dodin, slides
    [#s323, 01 Mar 2016]
  • Sheath-induced instabilities in magnetized plasmas
    Igor Kaganovich, slides
    [#s337, 17 Feb 2016]
  • Astrophysical Weibel instability in counter-streaming laser-driven plasmas
    Will Fox, slides
    [#s324, 01 Feb 2016]
  • Accurate calculation of Singular Current Densities in non-linear, ideal MHD equilibrium solutions
    Stuart Hudson, slides
    [#s325, 01 Jan 2016]
  • Complex Electron Energy Distribution in Asymmetric RF-DC Discharge
    Igor Kaganovich, slides
    [#s336, 15 Dec 2015]
  • Strong Dependence of Intrinsic Rotation on X-Point Position
    Timothy Stoltzfus-Dueck, slides
    [#s326, 01 Dec 2015]
  • Coupling of Neutral-beam-driven Compressional Alfvén Eigenmodes to Kinetic Alfvén Waves in NSTX and Energy Channelling
    Elena Belova, slides
    [#s327, 01 Nov 2015]
  • Two-stream instability of an electron beam propagating in a bounded plasma
    Igor Kaganovich, slides
    [#s335, 14 Oct 2015]
  • Self-organized Stationary States of Tokamaks
    Steve Jardin, slides
    [#s328, 01 Oct 2015]
  • Benchmarking and Validation Initiative for Three-Dimensional Equilibrium Calculations
    Allan Reiman, slides
    [#s329, 01 Sep 2015]
  • Riding an electron wave into the future of microchip
    Igor Kaganovich, slides
    [#s334, 15 Aug 2015]
  • Tokamak MHD (TMHD) model for disruption studies
    Leonid Zakharov, slides
    [#s330, 01 Aug 2015]
  • Critical Gradient Model for Fast Ion Profile Relaxation in Tokamaks
    Nikolai Gorelenkov, slides
    [#s331, 01 Jul 2015]
  • Helping General Electric Upgrade the U.S. Power Grid
    Igor Kaganovich, slides
    [#s333, 15 Jun 2015]
  • Turbulence-driven “anomalous bootstrap current" generation
    Weixing Wang, slides
    [#s332, 01 Jun 2015]