EP Seminars

Our Energetic Particle Seminars are bi-weekly meetings usually held on Wednesday at 10am

We will post zoom information when it is available.


    Roscoe White, PPPL, slides
    [#s1203, 09 Dec 2020]
  • Physics of Nonlinear Frequency Chirping- dry run for invited talk at the 37th Annual Meeting of the JSPF
    Andreas Bierwage, PPPL
    [#s1212, 25 Nov 2020]
  • Microturbulence-mediated route for stronger energetic ion transport and Alfvénic mode intermittency in ITER-like tokamaks
    Nikolai Gorelenkov, PPPL, slides
    [#s1201, 28 Oct 2020]
  • First-principles formulation of resonance broadened quasilinear theory near an instability threshold- Dry run talk for AAPPS Conference
    Vinicius Duarte, PPPL, slides
    [#s1205, 21 Oct 2020]
  • Fast Ion Transport with Coupled Kink and Tearing Modes – dry run for AAPPS-DPP invited
    James Yang, PPPL, slides
    [#s1207, 15 Oct 2020]
  • Features of energetic particle transport in the after-glow phase of the JET plasma discharges
    Anna Teplukhina, PPPL, slides
    [#s1204, 14 Oct 2020]
  • Alpha Channeling
    Roscoe White, PPPL, slides
    [#s1209, 16 Sep 2020]
  • On chirping (work in progress) p.2
    Andreas Bierwage, PPPL
    [#s1211, 02 Sep 2020]
  • Measurement and Modeling of Fast Ion Losses in JET Plasmas
    Philip Bonofiglo, PPPL, slides
    [#s1206, 19 Aug 2020]
  • On chirping (work in progress) p.1
    Andreas Bierwage, PPPL
    [#s1210, 05 Aug 2020]
  • Nonlinear Evolution of Instabilities due to Drag and Large Effective Scattering
    Jeff Lestz, PPPL, slides
    [#s1202, 08 Jul 2020]
  • Boris algorithm for particle simulation and study of AE frequency chirping using M3D-C1
    Chang Liu, PPPL, slides
    [#s1199, 24 Jun 2020]
  • HYM simulations of GAE modes in DIII-D
    Elena Belova, PPPL, slides
    [#s1200, 10 Jun 2020]
  • Observations of ICE and Chirping ICE on NSTX and NSTX-U
    Eric Fredrickson, PPPL, slides
    [#s1198, 19 May 2020]
  • RBQ quasi-linear simulations of nonlinear dynamics of Alfvénic instabilities
    Nikolai Gorelenkov, PPPL
    [#s1197, 12 May 2020]
  • First-principles formulation of resonance broadened quasilinear theory near an instability threshold
    Vinicius Duarte, PPPL, slides
    [#s1196, 28 Apr 2020]
  • Implementation and benchmarking of the EP option in M3D-C1 code
    Chang Liu, PPPL, slides
    [#s1195, 21 Apr 2020]
  • Alfvenic modes chirping
    Roscoe White, PPPL, slides
    [#s1194, 14 Apr 2020]
  • Nonlinear simulation of EP effects in fusion plasmas (APS’19 talk)
    Elena Belova, PPPL, slides
    [#s1193, 07 Apr 2020]