Harry Mynick

  • phone: 609-243-2769
  • email: mynick@pppl.gov

Dr. Mynick is a Principal Research Physicist in the Theory Department. Dr. Mynick received his bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics with highest honors from Yale University in 1972, winning in addition the DeForrest Mathematical Prize, Alan M. Bateman Science Award and the Russell H. Chittenden Prize, awarded to the undergraduate with the highest academic standing. He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, Berkeley in 1978. He has been a Fellow of the American Physical Society since 1996. In 1990-91, he was a Hewlett Fellow at the Princeton University Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, working on issues in energy and environmental technology and policy assessment.

Mynick is the author of more than 120 scientific papers. His research interests are in plasma physics, in energy and environmental studies, and in artificial intelligence. Within plasma physics, his principal areas of technical expertise are in plasma transport, particularly in 3-dimensional toroidal systems, energetic particle dynamics, and canonical mechanics.