Julien Dominski

  • phone: 609-243-3657
  • email: jdominsk@pppl.gov

Dr. Julien Dominski is a research physicist at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. After graduating in physics with a B. Sc. from University of Nice and a M. Sc. from EPFL, he conducted his Ph. D. at the Swiss Plasma Center (EPFL) where he explored the influence of passing electrons on electrostatic turbulence in tokamaks. He notably showed that the passing electron turbulence diffusivity is proportional to the density of mode rational surfaces. His research focuses on the application and development of gyrokinetic codes. He is currently involved in the “High-Fidelity Whole Device Modeling of Magnetically Confined Fusion Plasmas” project. The goal of this project is to provide a simulation framework able to model the whole device on future exascale supercomputers. For this purpose, he currently studies the coupling of core and edge gyrokinetic codes. He also works on the multi-ion-species version of the XGC code. One of his interest concerns the physics of impurities and more particularly tungsten. He is interacting with JET team members on this later topics.