Ammar Hakim

  • phone: 425-417-3452
  • email: ahakim@pppl.gov

Dr. Hakim is an expert in computational physics, specially as applied to plasma physics, fluid dynamics, plasma and fluid turbulence and electromagnetism. He has extensive experience developing large-scale (100K+ lines of code) parallel computational software.

Dr Hakim's recent interests are in applying state-of-art finite-element and discontinuous Galerkin schemes to solution of the gyrokinetic equations. These equations evolve in 5-dimensional phase space in complex geometries, which makes developing efficient schemes very challenging. He also works on multi-fluid simulations of various plasma problems, with applications to both space and lab plasmas.

  • "Comparison of multi-fluid moment models with particle-in-cell simulations of collisionless magnetic reconnection"
    Liang Wang, Ammar H. Hakim et al., Phys. Plasmas 22, 012108 (2015)
  • "A gyrokinetic one-dimensional scrape-off layer model of an edge-localized mode heat pulse"
    E.L. Shi, A.H. Hakim & G.W. Hammett, Phys. Plasmas, 22, 022504 (2015)
  • "Coupled core-edge simulations of H-mode buildup using the Fusion Application for Core-Edge Transport Simulations (FACETS) code"
    A.H. Hakim, T.D. Rognlien et al., Phys. Plasmas 19, 032505 (2012)