Nikolai Gorelenkov
Н.Н. Гореленков

  • phone: 609-243-2552
  • email: ngorelen@pppl.gov

Dr. Nikolai Gorelenkov, Н. Н. Гореленков, is a principal research physicist at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL). He is an energetic particle (EP) science focus-group leader. He has supervised five graduate and undergraduate students. Dr. Gorelenkov has a B.A. from Moscow State University and Ph.D. in physics from Russian Scientific Center, Kurchatov Institute.

In his scientific career, Dr. Gorelenkov was involved in studies of energetic particle (EP) interactions with various types of plasma waves. Many aspects of these studies focused on developing theories and numerical tools to study EP driven instabilities, induced EP transport, current drive, effects on plasma performance etc. He was applying these tools to present day experiments for validations. Currently Nikolai is working on the numerically efficient and robust Quasi-Linear (QL) wave-particle resonance broadening model/code (RBQ) coupled to the hybrid kinetic/MHD codes NOVA/NOVA-K. The RBQ code is being developed to work with the whole device modeling tools like TRANSP.

He was selected a fellow of the American Physical Society in 2012 and was awarded with the Kaul's prize for excellence in plasma physics in 2007. Dr. Gorelenkov has been an ITER fellow since July 2020 and is an active ITPA EP expert member.

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  • "Predictions and observations of low-shear beta-induced shear Alfvén–acoustic eigenmodes in toroidal plasmas"
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  • "Energetic particle physics in fusion research in preparation for burning plasma experiments"
    N.N. Gorelenkov, S.D. Pinches & K. Toi, Nucl. Fusion 54, 125001 (2014)